Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Clouded by profits

I know the media is a cheap whore.  It's not exactly a secret that the media will do whatever it wants to draw people in to watch commercials, view web ads, or buy newspapers.  It's why KDKA radio gives its audience what it thinks they want to hear.  It's why TV news loves to show blacks as a criminal menace.  It's why they refuse to admit how close the presidential race isn't.  Must generate drama, must get the cash.   Heck, I even think it's funny to hear conservatives whine about McCain getting more negative coverage.  I thought they liked the free market....

So I really shouldn't have been surprised to see this on the front page of the Allegheny Times this morning:
Yesterday's rally was about people gathering together to bring change to Washington.  Barack Obama's message is about possibility.  There is hope in each of the stories on that page: violent extremists foiled before they could hurt anybody, working class people refusing to be tricked by right-wing scare tactics into voting against their own interests.  The support for Barack and the sense of optimism and excitement among attendees yesterday were amazing.  But of course the paper has to find something sensational and grim.  Ugh.


Oh, and in other news: this idea that voters shouldn't be able to wear campaign attire to the polls.  I don't like it.  I should be able to vote naked if I want to.  It's not like they don't have people with flyers outside pressing the flesh anyway.   Smells like one more attempt at voter suppression to me.

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